With apologies to the late James W. Best for appropriating his image (from his 1935 Forest Life in India)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Something 'Borrowed'...

Lend a book to a friend and the chances are you either never see it again or it looks like they've been playing football with it when you finally get it back. Things are more complicated with siblings. I have had a long-running tug-of-war with my sister over the ownership of various books that are family heirlooms, including this one, an absolute gem from the 1960s that any Fleming fan should be ashamed not to have read (and a companion piece to New Maps of Hell, discussed in an earlier post):

It  proudly boasts her signature inside – yet has sat equally proudly on my bookshelves, not hers, for some years now. (Though I'm pretty sure there are more of my books on her shelves than there are hers on mine...  )