With apologies to the late James W. Best for appropriating his image (from his 1935 Forest Life in India)

Monday, 1 April 2013

One in the Eye

I rather like the idea of getting your own back on someone simply by sticking pins in a doll:

Trouble is, such sympathetic magic (or any other kind of magic, for that matter) only works - through the very great power of suggestion - on people who genuinely fear it, and almost by definition that means the poor and downtrodden, not the rich and powerful. What we need, then, is some means of mass hypnosis whereby we can convince the bastards who actually deserve to be shafted that witchcraft really works. Then the rest of us can all go to bed happy for once.

Changing tack, as someone with an unhealthy interest in both fishing and tigers, this caught my eye while I was trawling the sewernet for something else last night:

it is "set among the louche world of Hanoi's expatriate community" and is all about "a woman struggling with the morality of finding peace in a war-haunted city, personal fulfilment in the midst of poverty and sexual joy with a vulnerable youth."

Not what it says on the tin, then.